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Effectiveness of Personalized Virtual Reality with Game Components Behavioral Intervention on Smoking Cessation


It is a published article about using virtual Reality to facilitate behavior change. It talks about the potential of Virtual Reality that could bring to behavior change programs. What is the current state of behavioral change techniques? What are the limitations of the current behavior modification methods, and what could VR be applied to facilitate behavior change? 

Understanding Hoarding Disorder: Lived Experiences, Different Perspectives, Possible Digital Interventions


Nearly 2.5% of the world population suffers from hoarding disorder (HD), a mental illness that is linked to other psychiatric conditions like anxiety, OCD, and depression. People with HD are often subjected to hazardous living environments and experience psychological challenges when others try to discard their possessions. There is a need to have effective interventions to mitigate the psychological discomfort experienced by hoarders and alleviate associated risks. In this study, we explore the lived experiences, coping strategies, and challenges faced by people with excessive hoarding behavior and their close ones/cohabitants by conducting qualitative data analysis on Reddit data. We then generate design implications for digital interventions that can support and assist hoarders in managing and improving their health and living conditions, such as collaborative tracking, communication support, and financial planning assistance, contributing to the nascent literature on hoarding behavior in the HCI community.


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