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Dario Liu

HCI/UX Researcher




A Bit About Me

I am a graduate student pursuing a degree in Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Maryland, College Park. Previously, I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Psychology in Canada. My research interests lie in the field of Mixed Reality and stress management. Currently, I am collaborating with Pablo Paredes on a project focused on studying stress management through haptic intervention. I am actively seeking research opportunities that specifically involve Extended Reality (XR) technologies.

Work Experience

Feb 2023 - Present

University of Maryland, MD

May 2022 - Aug 2022

Toronto, ON

January 2023 - June 2024

Shanghai, China

Researcher, Pervasive Wellbeing tech Lab

-Conduct a literature review

- Refine and manage the lab website

- Design and conduct experiment

UX Designer, Aurora

- Meeting with the client and understanding the client's needs

- Design and iterate the web wireframe based on the client's needs

- Build a prototype to showcase the functionalities to the development team

UX Researcher, Xavor

- Conduct literature review and user interviews to find out the opportunities to refine the current solution based on user's needs

- Conduct group interviews to find out the 


Feb 2023 - Present

University of Maryland, MD

Sep 2016 - Apr 2020

Toronto, ON

Master of Science: Human- Computer Interaction

GPA : 3.9

Relevant Courses: 

  • User Research Methods (A-)

  • Advanced Research Methods Analysis (A+)

  • Fundamental of Human-Computer Interaction (A)

  • Interaction Studio (A+)

York University

GPA : 7.2

Relevant Courses:

  • Behavior Modification Therapy (A)

  • Research Methods (A)

  • Statistics (A)

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