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Dario Liu

As a Human-Computer Interaction graduate student at the University of Maryland, I prioritize user-centered design as a UX Researcher and Designer.


My passion lies in creating engaging experiences that meet and exceed user expectations through research and design methodologies.


Air Finder

UX Design Project

The Air-Finder innovative concept aims to assist individuals who are in a hurry to locate items that they may have misplaced within their living environment. The goal of our concept is to provide users with a time-effective, convenient, and reliable navigator to help them find their lost belongings within the comfort of their own home.

UX Design Project

UX Research Project

Care Compainion

UX Research & Conversation Interface Project

With the world's population aging, younger generations are spending less time with their families, leaving older generations at risk of loneliness, falls, and depression during the rehabilitation process. During my first job, I worked on a project focused on building a care companion robot to address these issues by targeting fall prevention, rehabilitation, and stress management for elderly individuals.


8430 Baltimore Ave,  College Park, MD 20740 

Email:| Tel: 240-921-8999

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